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Reflections – Justice J.S. Verma


Hon’ble Mr Justice
J.S. Varma, Judge, Supreme Court

Extracts from the above article – source:

“The galaxy of eminent men who belong to the Allahabad High
Court and have contributed to its pre-eminent position in the judicial field
should ever remain the inspiration and beacon light for its lawyers and Judges
whose obligation it is to preserve the rich heritage. Lawyers like Sir Tej
Bahadur Sapru. Dr. K.N. Katju, Shri Kanhaiya Lal Misra, Shri Gopal Swarup
Pathak and Shri Jagdish Swarup and Judges like Sir Shah Mohammad Sulaiman and
Mahmood would be the pride of any legal institution anywhere in the world and they
belonged to the Allahabad High Court. The present generation must remain
cognizant of the rich heritage and strive to retain primacy of the institution
ensuring that it passes on the bright torch to the future generation. These
celebrations will have served a useful purpose it they rekindle the true spirit
of the legal profession in drawing sustenance from the hoary past and help to
enthuse and inspire the future generations to keep the torch burning brightly.
It is, in all humility, in this spirit I join as one who was inspired by the
legal luminaries of the profession in the Allahabad High Court whom I had the
benefit of seeing and hearing only from a distance as a Student at Allahabd. I
consider myself indebted to the Institution in this manner.”

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