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CONTEMPT OF COURT: THE NEED FOR A FRESH LOOK Justice Markandey Katju, Judge, Supreme Court of India


Justice Markandey Katju, Judge,
Supreme Court of India

In this connection I may refer to the speech delivered on 19.2.1968 by Mr.K.L. Misra, the then Advocate General of U.P. on the demise of my grandfather, Late Dr.K.N. Katju in which he said:

“No leadership of the Bar, at least in those days, was possible without the background of a deep scholarship and learning of law. I remember, very vividly, his coming back to the Bar, after incarceration of about 3 or 4 years, late in 1943, when he sat down, in a corner of the Advocates Association, and then, within a few days, read through cases decided by the British Courts during the time of his absence from the Bar. I went near him. He called me and put before me a judgment of the King’s Bench Division, which I read with absorbing interest, the very learned discussion in the judgment on the difference between “value” and “price”.
Dr.Katju asked me: “what is the significant thing you have noticed about this judgment”. I read it again before him and tried to tell him what the gist of the judgment was. He said: “No, no; look at the date of the judgment.” He then pointed out to me that the date, on which the judgment was delivered, with that scholarly and cloistered detachment, fell during the days when the German Air Force – its bomber squadron – were spreading widespread devastation and destruction in England. He told me that this detachment makes up the mentality of a true Judge.”


Sites of K.L. Misra

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paper coverage/clipping/articles on Pt. K.L. Misra after his demise on
14 October 1975. Anyone having any material on him –
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. Thanks.


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