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K.L. Misra and Cricket – Justice Amitav Banerjee, CJ

K.L. Misra and Cricket

In the article `Memories, Memories and Memories’ by Hon’ble Mr Justice Amitav Banerjee, former Chief Justice, High Court, Allahabad:

During our younger days, the junior members of the Bar got together and formed a Cricket Club. They had an annual match on the Republic day between the members of the High Court Bench and Bar against the members of the Bench and Bar of the District Court at Allahabad. It used to be great fun. The Matches were keenly contested and we had a galaxy of
old and renowned cricketers acting as Umpires. Chief Justice Mootham
was an automatic choice as Umpire. One day he was the Umpire at the
Bowler’s end and I had just bowled to the batsman, Shri S.N. Varma,
who made it into a half volley and drove it hard to the mid-off where
Justice James was fielding. In his younger days he was a reputed
hockey goalkeeper (his brother was member of the 1932 Indian Olympic
Hockey Team). Justice James, who perhaps forgot that he was not a goalkeeper and tried to block the ball with his legs instead of taking a hard catch with his hands. The ball hit his knee-cap on the right leg and there was loud noise. We were deeply concerned and thought that a bone must have cracked or broken.
While Justice James was receiving some immediate first aid, Justice
Mootham walked up to him and when he realised that it was not a
serious matter, he turned round to Shri Varma and asked him `has been
dismissing too many of your appeals?’

This may not give an impression that the cricket team only consisted of junior elements. We had Shri A.P. Dubey, aged nearly 70, who played for Oxford University when he was student there. He came to the cricket field attired in his Oxonian cap. He was a tall man. He stood erect and opened our innings. The opponents usually had a L.B.W. decision against him but he was clear in his mind that he would do better in the next year. In course of time, we had a formidable pair of openers for the High Court Bench and the Bar. They were Justice Hamidullah Beg, later a Judge of the High Court, the Chief Justice of the Himachal Pradesh High Court and the Judge of the Supreme Court and later Chief Justice of India. His partner was Shri Shanti Bhushan, who rose to be the Law Minister in the Union Cabinet, and is now a renowned senior Advocate of the Supreme Court. Our Advocate-General, Pt. K.L. Mishra, Shri K.B. Asthana (later a Judge and Chief Justice of the High Court) and Shri S.K. Varma (later a Judge and Chief Justice of the High Court) were all keen cricketers although their performance varied from time to time. We had also in our team Shri S.N. Katju, a Judge of the High Court who in his younger days was the University Cricket Captain. His younger brother Shri B.N. Katju, later a Judge and Chief Justice of the High Court was grand all rounder and a very good cricketer. He showed the same application as a Judge. We had in our team Shri K.B.L. Gaur who was a medium fast bowler and had not only captained the University Cricket team but also led the U.P. team in Ranji Trophy. Originally, our wicketkeeper was Shri H.N. Seth, who later on became Judge and Chief Justice of this Court as well as the Punjab and Haryana High Court. In course of time, his place as taken by Shri A.P. Mishra who is now Judge of this Court.”

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