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Reflections – Justice J.S. Verma


Hon’ble Mr Justice
J.S. Varma, Judge, Supreme Court

Extracts from the above article – source:

“The galaxy of eminent men who belong to the Allahabad High
Court and have contributed to its pre-eminent position in the judicial field
should ever remain the inspiration and beacon light for its lawyers and Judges
whose obligation it is to preserve the rich heritage. Lawyers like Sir Tej
Bahadur Sapru. Dr. K.N. Katju, Shri Kanhaiya Lal Misra, Shri Gopal Swarup
Pathak and Shri Jagdish Swarup and Judges like Sir Shah Mohammad Sulaiman and
Mahmood would be the pride of any legal institution anywhere in the world and they
belonged to the Allahabad High Court. The present generation must remain
cognizant of the rich heritage and strive to retain primacy of the institution
ensuring that it passes on the bright torch to the future generation. These
celebrations will have served a useful purpose it they rekindle the true spirit
of the legal profession in drawing sustenance from the hoary past and help to
enthuse and inspire the future generations to keep the torch burning brightly.
It is, in all humility, in this spirit I join as one who was inspired by the
legal luminaries of the profession in the Allahabad High Court whom I had the
benefit of seeing and hearing only from a distance as a Student at Allahabd. I
consider myself indebted to the Institution in this manner.”

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K.L. Misra – Shanti Bhushan NIP 19 Oct 75

Pt. Kanhaiya Lal MisraNorthern India Patrika 19th Oct. 1975.


The last of the giants of Allahabad High Court has passed away. During the last quarter of a century Punditji strode the Indian legal scene like a colossal. He was a great lawyer, a matchless advocate, but above all he was a loveable personality who was kind to a fault.

I first heard of him before he had become one of the leaders of the Allahabad Bar. I was studying in the Allahabad University then. One Shri Sharma, who use to publish a single sheet irregular journal mainly devoted to the High Court News, came to meet my father. He showed me some of the issues of this journal, many of which contained predictions about possible appointments to the High Court Bench. I was familiar with some of the names mentioned therein, but not with the name of Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra. I asked Shri Sharma as to who this gentleman was, whose High Court Judgeship he was predicting. Shri Sharma spoke to me about the brilliance of Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra in very high terms. This was sometime in 1945, almost two years before Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra was appointed a Deputy Government Advocate in the High Court. I use to visit the High Court fairly frequently even during those days when I was studying for my B.Sc and I made it a point to find out and watch Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra in court during my next visit to the High Court. I found him in the court of Chief Justice, Sir Iqbal Ahmad, arguing a couple of second appeals for admission. He was dressed in a rather shabby black Khadi coat and a white Khadi pant. He also did not strike me then as a handsome man, but I was struck by the great confidence, with which he was making his points before that extremely sharp and quick judge, Sir Iqbal Ahmad. Even so, little could I then conceive of the sheer brilliance of his intellect and the poetic music of his language and the diction as also of the other great qualities of his head and heart with which I was to become so familiar in due course.


It was in 1947 that Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra was appointed Deputy Government Advocate, when a vacancy was created on my father’s resignation from the office of State Council and it was his performance in this post which became the foundation of his future glories. His masterly conduct, during that period of difficult Government appeals against acquittals immediately marked him out for very high positions in times to come.

In was in 1951 that Shri Govind Ballav Pant, a shrewd judge of men and their capabilities, subjected Punditji to, what I regarded, a test in the constitutional field by asking him to appear for the Government, in the Zamindari Abolition case, although this fell outside his domain as Government Advocate who was only responsible for criminal cases. Punditji’s grasp of the principles of constitutional law and the brilliance of his advocacy in a case in which the cream of the Indian Bar was on display with men like P.R. Das and Moti Lal Setalvad made Punditji’s elevation in the highest office of Advocate General of the largest Indian State a mere matter of time. Soon there after in 1952, when the office of the Advocate General fell vacant on the account of the demise of the great advocate Pyare Lal Banerjee, Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra was asked to adorn the great office. By this time, I had already come in fairly intimate professional contact with him, having appeared against him in 1959 for seven days in a full bench case involving a question relating to the delegation of essential legislative powers.

The years after 1952 were years during which Punditji rose from eminence to eminence in the all India field and came to be regarded by many as the best available all-round advocate in the whole of India. What distinguished him from many others was his completeness as a lawyer and an advocate. There was no field in law in which he was not equally at ease and he was as brilliant on the original side as on the appellate side. He was a very formidable cross-examiner and had no peers in the building up of a case at the stage of original trial.

Being of a retiring nature, my contacts with Punditji remained confined to cases and to court till the year 1962. My intimate contact with him on a personal level really began in 1962 and was at its peak from 1962 to 1967 during the period that I held offices of Senior Standing Council and Additional Advocate General. During this period, I was privileged to receive from him the same affection and regard as any member of his immediate family. It was during this time that I realized what a great soul Punditji was. I then was that, his brilliance as a lawyer and as an advocate, which was by now so universally acknowledged all over India, virtually failed into insignificance before his other human qualities. His compassion and concern for his fellow being, the complete absence of any malice towards anyone and his great interest in all aspects of human life created a deep impression on my mind. The simplicity of his personal life and his vast knowledge about almost everything also evoked any spontaneous feelings of great admiration and respect for him.


Punditji had a great capacity of undergoing physical suffering without showing it, and I had many occasions to witness this. During the last months of his life however I simply marveled at the manner in which he silently suffered when it was visible that the suffering was as great as to be beyond anybody else’s endurance. Even in these conditions he always had a word of cheer for the others. I saw him in June, July in August and finally on the 11th of October, just about 41 hours before his end. Even on this last occasion, he had a completely alert mind while his body was completely emaciated and there was so much swelling on his limbs and face that it looked almost frightening. He talked, to me with his head resting on the stool in front of him, on his bed. It was just once during the conversation that he fully raised his head and looked at me squarely in the face. That look of his shall haunt me for quite sometime to come. He talked to me about the Prime Minister’s election case and about the state of his physical health. He told me that there was nothing wrong with him because each one of his organs was functioning very well and yet added that nothing was right also as he was not in a position to move about.

I waited for as few minutes and then quietly took leave of him with folded hands. This was the last that I saw of Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra while living.

Punditji lived a full life replete with achievements and honours. He was such a versatile and noble man that the like of him may not be born again.

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K.L. Misra’s Demise – Sehat Bahadur, Bar Council

Bar Council of U.P. – Northern India Patrika 20 Oct. 1975

K.L. Misra

K.L. Misra’s Demise – Sehat Bahadur, Bar Council

In the legal profession, I happen to be just a few years senior to the late lamented Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra. I had ample contact with him. This legal luminary had an unprecedented light and an admirable culture. Hardly there was any complicated problem which he could not solve with smoothness, decency, persuasiveness and precision. Philanthropic by nature, he never refused to extend his helping hand to the needy and the distressed. To the juniors he was a boon. To his friends, he was a true friend. His keen and prompt wit and amiable temperament were assets which anybody would envy.

At times his philosophical silence carried better and more successful impressions than a vociferous retort. He was a nationalist to the core and a man of erudite reasoning. The void which his departure from this world has created is not easy to fill up. – Sehat Bahadur, Member, Bar Council Of U.P. Allahabad.

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High Court – Bench and Bar mourn demise of Pt. K.L. Misra

High Court – Bench and Bar mourn demise of Pt. K.L. Misra – 17th Oct. 1975. Northern India Patrika

From our Staff Reporter


A full court reference was made today, in the court room of the Chief Justice, to mourn the death of Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra, former Advocate General of the state of Uttar Pradesh, an eminent senior member of the Allahabad High Court Bar and a legal luminary of the country.

The reference was made at 3 p.m. The Full Bench was presided over by Mr. Justice G.C. Mathur, senior-most judge, as the Chief Jusitce Mr. K.B. Asthana was away from Allahabad.

Pt. K.L. Misra used to speak on behalf of the Bar Association in the capacity of a President on the occasion of either welcoming a judge on the Bench, or bidding farewell to a retiring judge or on similar occasions of sad demise of a member of the Bench or Bar. He always provided the audience with his magical selection of words and with prose talked musically. This was a sad occasion when Pt. Misra had departed and the reference was made to mourn the irreparable loss and to pay rich tributes to the memory of the departed soul. Pt. Misra was adored as a great human being, a scholar, and a jurist. His calm unruffled temperament and pleasing manners earned him a place amongst the topmost citizens of the country. He was a voracious reader and knew many languages. He would remain a concern of posterity. Pt. Misra was an institution in himself.

This reference was made in the court room of the Chief Justice packed to its capacity with lawyers, staff and litigants.


Speaking on the occasion Shri S.N. Kakkar, Advocate General U.P., said that it would be difficult to fill the void created in the sad demise of Pt. K.L. Misra. He recalled that Shri Misra gave this court his protection and the history of this court was the history written with the progress of Shri K.L. Misra. He referred that at the persuasion of late G.B. Pant and Late K.N. Katju he accepted the office of Advocate General of U.P. He was the tallest personality of this High Court, his advocacy had no parallel in this country with unmatched power of persuasion. He was at his best when he was arguing a very weak case or suddenly facing a ticklish point of law or when he was facing a hostile bench. He always took pains in making copious notes of his case. His way of conducting a case was a matter of education to others. Problems used to resolve itself by his magic touch. Shri Misra was a great lover of fine arts and a pro9tector of many institutions. Shri Kakkar extended his condolences on behalf of the Government Advocates to the members of the bereaved family.


Shri S.N. Mulla, President of the Allahabad High Court Bar Association, paid glowing tributes in the head and heart of Pt. K.L. Misra. Shri Mulla said that Pt. Misra was the pride and jewel of Allahabad High Court Bar. He was known as a great lawyer both in this country and abroad. He was an example to austerity and never made any show of his own qualities. He was helpful to the members of the Bar as a head of family. His death has created a void of which there is no visible substitute. He conveyed the message of condolence on behalf of the members of the Bar Association to the members of the bereaved family.


Mr. Justice G.C. Mathur on behalf of the members of the Bench conveyed his condolences to the members of the bereaved family. Pt. K.L. Misra made his mark by his brilliance not only in the Bar of this State but in the Bar of other States. He was a great lawyer and the leader of the Bar.


At an emergent general meeting of the H.C. Bar Association the following resolution was passed:

`hat this emergent general meeting of the High Court Association places on record its greatest sense of sorrow and grief on the sad demise of our former President Pt. K.L. Misra. His loss to the Association is irreparable. He had been the beacon light of our Association for the last half century.

May his soul rest in peace’

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C.M. condoles death of K.L. Mishra

C.M. condoles death of K.L. Mishra – 19th Oct. 1975 Northern India Patrika


The Chief Minister of U.P. Shri H.N. Bahuguna has expressed his “shock” at the demise of former Advocate General Shri Kanhaiya Lal Misra in a condolence message. It was Shri Bahuguna who directed the Chief Secretary U.P. and D.M., Allahabad to accord full state honours to the departed legal luminary soon after he heard the news of the passing away of Sri Misra on Oct.15. A wreath was also placed on behalf of the Chief Minister by the District Magistrate.HINDI SAHITYA SAMMELANGlowing tributes were paid to Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra at a meeting of citizens and litraries held this evening in the premises of the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. Sri Saraswati Prashad Chaturvedi presided over the meeting.Speakers at the meeting recalled his services as a legal luminary and also who did a lot towards propagating and enrichment of Hindi language and literature through the platform of the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. The Hindi Sahitya Sammelan willremain closed on Monday as a mark of respect to Mr.Misra. Prominent amongst those who spoke were – Sri Prabhat Shashtri, Srinath Singh and Dr. Ratnakar Pandey.Smilarly at a meetin of the National Students Union presided over by Sri Arif Amin, Sri Mishra’s services to the people as a veteran Congressman were recalled.

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P.M. CONDOLES K.L. MISHRA’S DEATH – 18th Oct. 1975

NEW DELHI October 17. – (PTI)

The Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, has described the death of Mr. K.L. Mishra, former Advocate General of Uttar Pradesh as “a great loss to our public life and the legal profession.”

Mr. Mishra, she said, was known for his erudition and insight into the relationship between law and life. His analysis and advice were widely sought and greatly valued and he rose to the top of his profession. Mr. Misra was deeply concerned with the cause of justice and gave much of his time in the service of the people” she said in a condolence message.

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On The Demise of Pt. K.L. Misra – NIP 16th Oct.75

On The Demise of Pt. K.L. Misra – Northern India Patrika, Allahabad

Kanhaiya Lal Mishra Dead – 16th Oct. 1975.

By a staff reporter. Allahabad Oct. 15 – Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra, former Advocate General U.P., a leading luminary and a prominent Congress leader died of heart failure on October 14th in the morning at his Park Road residence here. He was 73.

The cremation took place with State Honours in the evening of the same day. His eldest son Sri V.P. Misra performed the last rites. The State was represented by Smt. Rajendra Kumari Bajpai, Minister for food and Civil Supplies U.P.

The wife of K. L. Mishra predeceased him. He leaves behind five sons, three daughters, a number of grand children and a host of relations and friends to mourn the loss.

The funeral procession joint by a number of High Court Judges, Advocates and important personalities of every walk of life in the city, was taken out to the `Sangam’. Smt. Bajpai, District Magistrate R, D. Sonkar, local Congress leaders, several member of the Bench and the Bar, educationist and others placed wreaths on the pyre.

The Congress flag in the District Congress Committee flew at half-mast as a mark of respect to the departed soul.

Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, Union Railway Minister Kamla Pati Tripathi, Union Transport and Shipping Minister Uma Shanker Dixit, Congress President Sri Dev Kant Barooah, Vidhan Parishad Chairman Virendra Swaroop U.P. and all the office bearers and staff of the All India Congress Committee sent messages of condolences.


Pt. K.L. Misra was born on August 31st 1903 in village Maryadpur in district Azamgarh, and was educated in the Theosophical School at Banaras. He passed B.A. with honours in 1926 and there after L.L.B. from Banaras Hindu University. He joint the District Court Bar in 1928 at Azamgarh and shifted to the Allahabad High Court in 1930. He made his mark very soon enjoying a lucrative practice and his reputation as an eminent lawyer and jurist spread over the whole country.

In 1951 he was honoured with the offer of High Court Judgeship which he refused.

In 1952 he was appointed the Advocate General U.P. and was closely associated with the Government headed by Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant, Dr. Sampurnanand, Sri C.B. Gupta, Smt. Sucheta Kripalani and Sri Charan Singh. He attained excellence in the profession in the country by appearing at at-least in every High Court of India. During the time he was Advocate General of U.P. and even thereafter he appeared for several states of the country in important cases, viz. Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal etc.

Some of the important conducted cases were the Blitz case in the Bombay High Court, Maharashtra – Mysore boundary dispute, case of Sri Pratap Singh Kairon, for States of West Bengal and Bihar, in-famous Symbol Case before the Election Commission, Gorakhnath Case in the Supreme Court and in the case against Murdhra etc. He had the distinction of appearing against almost all the top advocates of the country.

He appeared successfully for the state of Bihar against the Raja of Ramgarh in the Calcutta High court. He commanded the top position both on the civil as well as the criminal side and attained the position of a legal luminary.

In 1957 he was offered the Supreme Court’s Judgeship which he declined. Then he was the first advocate in the country who received this direct offer for the appointment as Judge of the Supreme Court.

Sri Mishra also defended for sometime the Prime Minister in the election case at the Allahabad High Court conducted on behalf of the ruling Congress, the Congress Party Symbol Case in the Supreme Court and was also responsible for defending the State Government in the State Zamindari Abolition case.

He has been serving various organizations and institutions in various capacities. He also served the University of Allahabad as honorary Treasurer for about twenty years. He was the President of the Bar Association of Allahabad High Court for several years, was also the Chairman of the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh. He was the President elected to the Governing Council of the Mehta Research Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics.

He was also the working President of the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan which has been declared as a national institute of all India importance by the Parliament. He was also the President of the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, the foremost institution in music in northern India.

In spite of his scholarly career he did not lag behind during the time of struggle for freedom of the country and joint the Quit India Movement in 1942. He suffered imprisonment for some months and earned reputation as a freedom fighter and a Congress leader.


There will be a full court reference in Chief Justice’s court at 3 p.m. on Oct. 16 to moun the demise of Sri K.L. Mishra, former Advocate General.

K.L. MISRA’S DEATH MOUNED – 16th Oct. 1975.

At a meeting of the members of the District Bar Association held yesterday under the President-ship of Sri Satya Narain Mishra a condolence resolution was passed on the death of Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra, former Advocate General U.P.

At a meeting of U.P. Young Advocates Association held yesterday under the President-ship of Shri Bhagwati Prashad Srivastava a condolence resolution was passed on the demise of late Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra. Light was thrown on the various aspects, achievements and contributions in the legal field rendered by the deceased.

Similar resolutions were passed by the following amongst others: Office of the Mahavidyalaya Inter College, Teaching and non-teaching staff of Prayag Mahavidyapitha Inter College, State Law Officers’ Ministerial Staff Association, High Court Ministerial Officers’ Association, City Congress Youth Committee, Atala-Kauldabad Delegacy Socialist Youth Congress Forum, Rashtriya Samaj Seva Sansthan, BLD, Prayag Sangeet Samiti and Akhil Bhartiya Manav Kalyan Sangh.

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